8 Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Sales Numbers

Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Brian Tracy published a short article and video on 18 March about the importance of psychology and emotional connections in sales. First impressions are heavily based on emotions, so start out trying to form a positive emotional connection before you start presenting facts. In the same vein, focus more on stories rather than statistics, since our brains respond more strongly to them. You can also use the concept of cognitive dissonance by getting a prospective customer to agree early on that a product could be useful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Study shows that the human brain is more naturally attuned to emotion over logic, making the use of emotion a must in sales marketing.
  • To nail a great first impression with a potential customer, it is best to focus on feelings over straightforward facts.
  • Humans are social creatures, which means that they are apt to respond positively to positive assessments of a product by other people.

“Cognitive dissonance. So, get people on-board with your pitch in the beginning, specifically by pointing out your offering can be useful to their person or save them time.”

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Tea Time with Tim — How to Find Mentors, Decrease Anxiety Through Training, and Much More (#363)

When looking for podcast recommendations, I’ve heard the name Tim Ferris come up a couple of times. In his latest episode, #363, Tim discusses the concept of mentoring and techniques on how to work through anxiety. This page provides a short recap on his episode, links to his podcast, suggests other relevant episodes he’s produced and a few short advertising paragraphs to ensure he keeps making that money. There are also several helpful links to books and articles, links to other individuals he mentioned and a comment section for all of your individual questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the podcast called “Tea time with Tom” some of the topics that were discussed included how to go about finding a mentor.
  • The podcast sought to find issues such as the meaning of life, how to extinguish anxiety and how one can make cocktails.
  • The podcast was a tea fueled question and answer session where Tom was asked questions related to making relationships and how to train into confidence.

“Welcome to a special episode called “Tea Time with Tim,” for which I solicited phone numbers and then called a handful of you to field any questions you might have.”

Read more: https://tim.blog/2019/03/11/tea-time-with-tim/

How to Stretch After A Workout

Stretching is so important that it can be less of a problem to cut the workout itself short than to cut corners on the warm-up or cool-down stretches afterwards. While static stretching before a workout isn’t particularly helpful (warm-up exercises like jumping jacks are another story), stretching after a workout can help return your muscles to their normal length after they’ve contracted while exercising. Stretching can also help improve your flexibility and your joint health, especially as you get older.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s blog post is on learning how to stretch because it improves the health and the mission of Nerd Fitness is to keep one safe and healthy.
  • Stretching is one of the most important things in a workout that if one is short on time, he can cut the workout short but not the warm-up.
  • It is stated by many that there are benefits to stretching before and after a workout but static stretching before a workout isn’t healthy.

“When you go through a great stretch routine after a heavy weight lifting day, your muscles are already starting to recover and expand, which will allow to you get back to “normal” more quickly than if you didn’t stretch.”

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Topsham gym builds community through fitness – The Forecaster

Shawn Thiboutot started his gym business in 2008 with lofty goals even though he had no idea what the future portends. His gym, Crossfit 321, has been used by him and his coaches to help people of all ages and health needs to achieve their fitness goals. Malcolm who started the gym when it just opened on Pleasant Street in Brunswick in 2009 says that initially they just did not know what they were doing, that there were no class schedules and every class was self-taught. But now, according to the website, the coaches at Crossfit preach safe, effective exercise with sound nutrition. At Crossfit, everyone is treated as an equal whether he is an oldtimer in exercising or is just starting out. The gym has helped so many persons to network in the community such that some have found their spouses here. At Crossfit, everyone is expected to treat others as a family. It emphasizes the scientific health benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thiboutot, the founder and owner of Crossfit321 on Park Drive in Topsham states that they have about 200 members who come to the facility seven days a week.
  • Thiboutot is also a coach and a fitness trainer and along with others he helps people of all ages and fitness backgrounds to reach their fitness goals.
  • Malcolm who joined the gym in 2009 said that when they started they had no idea what they were doing because everything was self-taught.

“When Shawn Thiboutot started his gym in 2008, he had lofty goals for his business, but even he couldn’t have imagined what would happen.”

Read more: http://www.theforecaster.net/topsham-gym-builds-community-through-fitness/

How These Co-Founders Scaled Their Business to Millions in Revenue – SFGate

Gym Launch is a true small business success, growing from one employee to 70 in just three years. What’s the secret to its success? The first aspect was not getting trapped into pricing competition, but instead focusing on giving customers the best experience possible. Second was embracing the notion that it’s okay to have polarizing marketing. Being up front about who you are helps attract the right customers. The final key to success was to leverage “ugly testimonials.” The company used customer posts, photos and videos as is, without cleaning them up. In this way, they come across as more believable.

Key Takeaways:

  • The video features an interview by Entrepreneur Network partner Emily Richett with the owners of Gym Launch, Alex and Leila Hormozi, and discussed how they grew their business.
  • Alex says that the first concept that was uppermost on their mind was not cost but how to serve the customer first.
  • One has to be good at what he is doing, without cutting corners and when your customers are pleased, you will have margin leftovers.

“Leila Hormozi shares that in order to attract the right client from the get-go, you need to have polarizing marketing. Don’t hold back on what the expectations are for your program or service.”

Read more: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/How-These-Co-Founders-Scaled-Their-Business-to-13697880.php

MMA gym hosts self-defense seminar after alleged sexual assault in Kingwood park – Chron

A February 15 sexual assault in Houston’s East End Park by a masked and still-unidentified man inspired Tom and Jillian McCusker of McCusker Mixed Martial Arts to create a self-defense seminar for local women. The class, which costs $25 a person, is meant to teach women how to defend themselves and escape alive from a surprise attack. It will focus on Brazilian Jujitsu techniques that are useful for ground fighting, especially against a larger opponent, and can allow the attacked person to gain control over the situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • There was an incident of sexual assault at East End Park on February 15 that Tom and Jillian McCusker thought was too close for comfort.
  • They both thought there was a way to counter the fear, so they organized a seminar on mixed martial arts for women at their dojo.
  • The sexual assault case that was reported at East End Park is still under investigation and the suspect in question is a male, 20 to 35 years old.

“Per Houston police, at around 4 p.m. on Feb. 15 they received a call from a woman saying she was grabbed from behind by a masked man while walking back to the park’s entrance-exit point. She was attacked and sexually assaulted, but after kicking him in the groin region she managed to escape to a friend’s house and dialed 9-1-1.”

Read more: https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/kingwood/business/article/MMA-gym-hosts-self-defense-seminar-after-alleged-13671010.php

Is It Ever Too Late to Pursue a Dream?

Dan Stoddard is an inspiration that one should not stop dreaming no matter the age. He works for Ottawa’s OC Transpo public transit system and goes on two six-hour shifts regularly, yet that does not deter him from putting the time to practice and train for his basketball game. He is 42 years playing in a game where his teammates are two decades younger than he is, but he has won their respect. During one of the games where they were losing, after a ten-match losing streak, Stoddard came down with great burst of exhaustion that he had to use the restroom because he was tired, yet he kept going on, because according to him the team needed him. Stoddard has dreams of playing at the NBA and believes that it is achievable even at his age. He cannot stop dreaming. He believes that if he was not talented in basketball he wouldn’t be doing this. His coach at Algonquin is also impressed by Dan Stoddard’s work rate. He notes that Stoddard has taken much pain to get to where he is in the team but he keeps doing it every day. To many of his opponents, Stoddard is something of a hero, someone that even the Canadian press has recognized the mark he has left in the Algonquin team. He is an example of the fact that we should not stop dreaming no matter the age.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dan Stoddard was exhausted by the strain of the match and he had taken Gatorade, but he knew that his team depended on him.
  • Algonquin, the team he was on had lost 10 of its 14 games so this last defeat seemed immaterial to Stoddard.
  • At 39 Stoddard joined Algonquin college and joined the basketball team immediately after. He was often called “Old man Dan” by others but this did not deter him.

“He knew others would think this experiment was crazy — during the Thunders’ preseason schedule, Stoddard heard the laughter from opposing coaches and players — and he even realized that his endeavor reeked of desperation, but he never felt the pull of quitting.”

Read more: https://longreads.com/2019/03/19/is-it-ever-too-late-to-pursue-a-dream/

How to Promote Your Live Event on Facebook

You can use Facebook tools to promote a live event that you host, and to help you contact attendees afterwards. You can geopin a Facebook frame so that attendees can easily apply it when filming or photographing your event for a Story. You can also create an event hashtag and then encourage people to use it with prizes or competition. Another option is to use geotargeting so users will receive your Facebook video ad during the event. It’s also very important to retarget people after the event is finished.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can upload a uniquely specific, branded frame for your event, both to make it more eye-catching and to distinguish it from all other related events.
  • Your frame, which will be geo pinned to activate in your event region, should be uploaded in a PNG format.
  • Your unique, branded frame should have a designated name and also have a transparent background.

“When you create your event hashtag, choose something that’s short and snappy so it’s easy for attendees to type in and remember. Abbreviations for the event name or your brand work well.”

Read more: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-promote-your-live-event-facebook/

4 Simple Ways to Up Your Millennial Marketing Game

Social media marketing to Millennials — who constitute the largest demographic on social media — is one of the major fronts of the “war for attention.” Running a contest or challenge for your target audience can help you reach users who are on social media but not looking for anything to buy. Simple, conversational content that eschews jargon is usually the best way to appeal to Millennials. You should also be planning to capitalize on WhatsApp advertising as Facebook expands the opportunities to advertise on the popular app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many brands are downsizing their traditional marketing campaign efforts in favor of allocating their resources in the area of digital marketing.
  • Challenging potential customers with a fun contest is a great way to spark new customer interest on a site like Facebook.
  • It’s important to remember that most Facebook and Instagram users are not browsing the site with an intent to buy, so simple and fun is a good way to go.

“Social media marketing has proven to be one of the right ways to do digital marketing. Besides being super-efficient, this form of marketing seems like the right way to go because the major social media platforms have received both good and bad press about how easy it is for them to attract users and keep them coming back.”

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/328333

What Do You Say to the Client Who’s Losing Interest?

In the world of business it is almost inevitable that you will have clients that who once were extremely interested in a product or service you have to offer, are now starting to lose that initial spark of interest that they had. In order to combat this and to ensure that they remain loyal clients and customers, it is necessary that businesses are able to implement certain strategies to keep their product fresh in the eyes of clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fitness equivalent of ghosting is having clients who just suddenly disappears on you – they stop checking in or logging their meals.
  • Every fitness trainer doesn’t want to be ghosted, rather they want to make sure they understand why their clients are leaving by having them talk to them.
  • Progress in fitness doesn’t just come by achieving fitness benchmarks or adding up grams of protein. Progress comes in several ways.

“Sooner or later, even the best client will get distracted by real life.”

Read more: https://www.theptdc.com/2019/02/say-client-whos-losing-interest/