Best Fitness Articles — February 10, 2019

Best Fitness Articles — February 10, 2019

The PTDC’s weekly list of top articles starts this week with “Training to Get Strong Isn’t Dangerous, Being Weak is Dangerous,” in which Jason Brown addresses the link between training for strength and training for health, and shows how strength training can improve quality of life. Ethan Halfhide shares how almost killing a client taught him three very important things, while Frank Lipman talks about the link between bad sleep and weight gain. Check out the full list for more great articles like these.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the minds of many clients and even in that of their trainers, training for strength and training for health are seen as unrelated things.
  • One of the questions that the author asked is whether a client that is interested in building health should not be interested in building strength.
  • Jason Brown is the author of this week’s top article and he explores how to help clients to build the strength necessary to function safely.

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