Building a Community Within Your Box


Walk into any box and you see them all the time. The banners hang from the rafters. They represent all of the armed forces and the civil servants of society. You will have anything from the Marines to the Navy to Army, and in between you will have all of their special regiments as well.

These are the banners that are often used to show the support of our troops, one thing that CrossFit and functional fitness is famous for.

This is a great way to build community and bring a sense of honor and respect to your box.

Another thing you can do with such people who are representative of such divisions and branches of civil and military service is offer them discounts as a recognition of that service.

This is a great way of building a following and trust in your community.

As you reach out to your community through such ventures, also think about reaching in as well.

How so? Well, for example, one thing you can do is build your community from within by adding a different sort of banner to the rafters of your gym.

As you have been publishing photos of your members on instagram and facebook, take a moment to think about using some of those photos to create banners to hang up in the rafters around the inside of your gym.

This is a nice addition to the artwork and decorations of your gym, because it highlights the work of your members. Now, choosing who should go up on those banners is another issue. To be on the safe side, you probably want to choose members who have been with you for a long time and who have shown deep loyalty.

Don’t people who are on the fringes of your training, but rather put those who others look to and respect for all they have given and done for your gym.

As you put such pictures up in banner form, you will see that it will ingraft a sense of pride in your members and a sense of loyalty.

This is a great way to build that community deep and true and keep them with you for a long time.


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