Velocity Based Training

If you’re interested in introducing some new aspects and styles of training at your Box, take a moment to look at velocity based training. This is a method that has proven to shake up some of the traditional elements of lifting.

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Ready to Run Book Review

Here’s an important book review on an equally important book, Kelley Starrett’s “Ready to Run.” Many in your Box will be interested in this book to work more efficiently on their running, pace, and movement. Take a look at the review and get ready to run with your clients.

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Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Train With the Elite?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to train with an elite CrossFit athlete, well…wonder no more. Stacie Tovar, who has been to the CrossFit Games multiple times, recently posted a week’s worth of her programming online.

What’s most impressive about her programming is the sheer volume that she does on a daily basis. Her rep scheme is nothing short of impressive. We are not simply looking at the sheer amount of reps, but also the time in between sets.

She oftentimes will go on her sets as quickly as possible, with a final set for endurance. Perhaps one thing she is doing is setting a basis and guideline for muscle endurance.

Much of the CrossFit Games, and now any functional fitness competition, is based upon the idea of endurance and recovery. With multiple WODs being done in a single day over the course of multiple days, muscle endurance becomes the absolute key for these athletes.

So as Tovar programs for herself, you see the intentionality of that programming there with the repetitions and volume.

Another thing to notice about her training is that she takes a rest day and a skill day (gymnastics). Both of these once again show the intentionality of everything.

It certainly seems like there is a lot for budding athletes to learn here.


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5 Ways To Work on that Snatch

The snatch is by far the most technical movement in all the Oly lifts. Perfecting this movement takes time and patience.

Coaching this movement…well, that’s a whole other story.

In order to coach it, you have to be able to perform it. And then you go another step. You need to be able to locate and isolate the numerous movement patterns that are off, or going wrong, in somebody’s form. This can be a very difficult thing to deal with.

There are so many things you are watching. Whether it’s the bar path that you are keeping an eye on, or the knee movement and placement…this lift is made up of intricate little moves working in tandem with one another.

Seeing how difficult this movement can be, we are always on the lookout for new and helpful posts on snatch technique that can help you in your overall coaching of this movement. Today we have such…

The good people at Barbell Shrugged have put out a new article on snatch technique. It points out 5 things you can easily correct for better form and safety. Remember, when doing these lift you have to be careful with that bar.

Take a look and continue to improve that coaching.

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Goal Training

Here’s a great article to remind us of the intentionality in our programming and training. Always remember to regularly assess the work of your athletes to make sure the training regimen is effective for your Box.


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Stacie Tovar on CrossFit, Nutrition and Life

Here’s a great interview and announcement today that Stacie Tovar will be adding her expertise to a new local site on CrossFit and CrossFit related nutrition. This is a great opportunity to learn from an elite athlete who also happens to be female. Many of the women at your Box will surely benefit.

Seeing Is Believing: Blind Man Does CrossFit

Here’s a great video of a CrossFit athlete who happens to also be blind. Remember, if they have the will then you can certainly show them the way. Don’t ever turn athletes away from your Box simply because they are an adaptive athlete. Adaptive athletes even had a great year at the Wodapalooza, so it is now time to start working on specific training methods because this is the future.

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Box Authority

As a coach and owner of a Box, you have a natural sense of authority among your clients. One thing you want to do with this authority is use it wisely in their lives.

Be a source of information for them that they can readily come to when they have questions and are looking for guidance and help.

Remember, you are there to help them in so many different ways. Read more about what it means to be an authority in the Box.

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Looking to Grow Strong?

If your Box members are looking to grow strong, then you know better than anyone that they will need to pack on weight.

Now, this isn’t any type of weight. We are talking about clean, bulk weight. But how much is necessary? Today’s article will help you understand how much weight is necessary for the gains you are looking for.

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10 Best Books For New Coaches

If you are interested in coaching or you will be mentoring a new coach soon, you will definitely want to check out today’s article on the 10 best books for coaches. A lot of great reads here.

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