One Coming For Dinner

Do you have clients who are single and live by themselves? Of course you do, and at times their meal options can be limited and even sparse. Cooking can become a pain as most recipes make 2 of everything. Well, now you can encourage and support your single clients by giving them these recipes that make healthy meals for one. Take a look.


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3 Tips For Bigger Bench Results

For many a client, the number one lift that they assess all of their abilities and gains off of is the bench press. So what are you going to do when it seems like your clients have faltered a bit on this lift? Well, for one thing review these tips we have for you today on how to take them to the next level of lifting. And remember, always work those percentages with them.

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Cardio Myths

Cardio can be one of those double edged swords that your clients fall upon and end up destroying all of their gains. Why is this? Because cardio has its place, and if it’s misused it will do more harm in losing weight rather than facilitating it. Take a look at these 7 cardio myths that you ought to share with them; the top on our list being that sustained long cardio is good for anyone.

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Lifting Safety for that Casual Client

Not all clients are coming in to your gym to lift big and get huge. Many of them are there to get a workout in and go on with life. So what do you do for that casual male lifter? Well, have a consistent and progressive program that will give them results, regardless.

Take a look at this system that will keep them safe, get them results and allow them to enjoy life.

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Programming Progressions For the HSPU

One of the things about programming new movements is that you have to be careful with your clients as they adjust and build strength in the targeted areas. The handstand pushup is no different in that a slow and steady progression towards accomplishing it is best.

Take a look at this program that will help them get there sooner rather than later.

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Curbing Your Appetite

You’ve got clients who are working on losing, and clients who are working on massing. Both of these types of clients are on extreme, opposite ends. But the one thing that ties them together? Those late night cravings to satisfy a rumbling stomach can be difficult to deal with, but give them some hope with today’s article.

Have a look and guide them on what to look for in the fridge.

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That Efficient Bulgarian Squat

Want to build some real power in your clients’ legs? This is the way to get that done by using the powerful Bulgarian split squat routine. Your clients will be able to focus attention and isolate on one leg as they work each side of their body.

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Get On Track w/These Awesome Wods

The sun’s out, so those guns want to come out. What’s the best way to show these off? Well, take a look at these outdoor wods you can do with your clients. You’ll get them out in the sun and fresh air, and best of all you don’t need any equipment.

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Squat With The Champs

If you want to know how to squat like the champs and hit those deep personal records, learn to open up the hips with these stretches and movements. Having open hips is key to developing that big squat and hitting all those gains.

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In A Rush This Morning?

Do you find yourself or your clients in a rush when it comes morning time? This can be a problem when we are seeking out that proper nutrition. Do we reach for that quick and convenient donut, or do we simply skip that meal and wait for something more nutritious? Take a look at today’s article for some great help in this area.

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