Get Your Clients Results

Getting your clients the results they are looking for may take some time and precise thinking. What is it they want? Well, what everyone wants…that chiseled frame and muscular physique. But they may be trying to starve themselves there. Take a look at this slide and see what will get them the results they are looking for.

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That Post-Workout Shake

Your clients nutrition is key to all they are doing in that gym of yours. Teaching them the proper way to fuel before a workout is essential to having energy in a workout, but also what’s most important here is the post workout nutrition. This is when the real gains are made. Teach them to fuel their muscles once that workout is done with this article.

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Put Some Bling On That Workout

If you want to add some intensity and challenge to your client’s workout, throw a chain around their neck or around the barbell and have them lift with it on. What will the chain do? It throws off the balance of the movement and causes them to engage their core muscles even more, thus causing them to build and strain just a bit more.

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The Games Have Come A Long Way

The CrossFit Games surely have come a long way in a short amount of time. It seemed like it was just last year that everything was out at the ranch, but now they are held in both stadiums in Carson, CA and find themselves being telecast on ESPN. For a great retrospective and thoughts on where everything is going, take a look at today’s article.

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The Truth About Coaching

A lot of times we may think that coaching is standing in front of the white board, going over the daily wod, demonstrating a few movements, and then yelling 3…2…1…Go!

But this is the furthest thing from the truth. Being a coach is so much more. It’s about being an encourager, and inspiration, a discipliner. It’s about getting people through a workout to the best of their ability.

Take a look at today’s great article on what it means to be a coach.

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Roll With It!

One of the most important things you can do to warm up before your Olympic lift sessions is to roll. Having a roll session on hard, stubborn and sore muscles might be the best thing for you in terms of a warm up for lifting.

Take a look at today’s article for specific advice on what to do and what movements to incorporate.

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Nutrition and Training

We have solid advice for you today on how your nutrition impacts your training, and how core training because a key component on your journey to body recomposition.

You cannot miss out on this for the sake of encouraging and helping your clients come to a better understanding of the interplay between these two things.

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Get That Protein In Any Way You Can

Protein is king when it comes to building muscle and strength in the gym. One thing you need to do is build up your clients by reminding them to take their protein on a regular basis. But it can be hard taking the requisite amount; so what’s a lifter to do? Here are some unique ways to add protein powder to all sorts of food.

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Leg Day Fun

Leg day is always a brutal day for all of your clients. They know they will be in pain for a few days. Why not try and lighten the mood by giving them a look at this fun article that points a finger at all the humor in what we call leg day.

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Working Out Over Work

An interesting new article from Entrepreneur Magazine on the importance of working out every day. We hear it from clients all the time…I have work and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll have to miss the workout today.

But take a look at this article and share with these hard working clients…show them why and how that workout may be just the thing they need.

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