Concept2 Celebrates Women: Bec Giles

Concept2 Celebrates Women: Bec Giles

A big name in exercise equipment, Concept2 is also big on sharing the glory, opting to give a shout out to women who have excelled in the physical arena in honor of March 8, International Women’s Day. 0be specific shout out goes to Bec Giles, an Australian personal trainer with a rich personal history in sports, including years spent in gymnastics, figure skating, roller skating, and most recently running and strength training. Concept 2 equipment has played a key role in Gile’s fitness history. A 5 hour Everest challenge challenged Giles to start using a SkiErg. A big believer in pushing her limits, Giles loves using her Concept 2 to achieve longer distances. As a mentor to other fitness-focused females, Bec counsels women to find a sport they love, stick to it, and to most of all be unafraid of failure, as it is what hones us into stronger versions of ourselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • On March 8 the world takes time to laud and give thanks for the many political, cultural, social and economic achievements of women.
  • Bed Giles is a personal fitness trainer, working in Australia, who overcame an eating disorder to commit to her fitness goals and become a part of the industry.
  • Giles is very competitive and has had to school herself to accept that every athlete has good and bad days, including many that do not rise to the level of a personal best.

“I believe if you want something bad enough, you are going to have to hurt, but it’s about holding on when you feel like giving up.”

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