Gym Safety Check


Accidents happen. There is no doubt about that in anyone’s mind. Do you have a safety system in place for when that accident will occur? Now, if you say…well, that will never happen; well, you don’t know the very definition of an accident.

Accident preparedness is about being ready for the unexpected. Now, that unexpected is in fact inevitable. So the more you are prepared for the unexpected the more you will be able to handle it when it does inevitably happen.

So let me ask you, how many fire extinguishers are in your facility and when was the last time you checked them? You know that fire extinguishers have to be regularly cared for. If a fire does happen to break out in your gym, it can spread very quickly depending on the materials you have in the gym.

Now, you may think right now to yourself, “how is a fire going to start when we don’t have anyone smoking inside of the gym?”

Well, this is when we need to consider such things as electrical fires due to power surges, faulty wiring and other building issues.

All such issues are in fact beyond your control and unknown to you. But the one thing that is within your control is having a few fire extinguishers in strategic locations throughout your building.

Another thing you might want to be cautious about is having your coaches all cpr certified. Now, again…you may think that because you are certified this will suffice. However, how much more comforting is it to your clientele if they know that a requirement of being an intern and/or coach at your gym is that they are certified in resuscitation? This is a huge bonus for those considering joining a gym. It gives them an automatic sense of comfort and reliability on your gym personnel.

What about a first aid kit? You probably have one in the office. However, what about a kit on the wall outside in your facility in case of accident? A kit like this is immediately accessible and visible to many people throughout the gym.

It is sad to say, but when accidents happen people tend to have the propensity of freezing in the moment and forgetting what to do. Even coaches can have this propensity. Having a kit outside that is visible to all is helpful if this happens because another member of your gym, perhaps a client, can jump into action and help.

We know this is not the ideal situation, and the coach should be able to handle everything, but remember…accidents happen and people react different in the case of an accident.

Are there other safety concerns you should have? Absolutely. If the gym is ensured and you use a particular ambulance service, that number should be readily available. In addition, you should know exactly where the area hospitals are at and the safest routes to take in order to get people there.

Not only should you know this, but your entire staff should be trained in it as well.

Being prepared for an accident is always helpful, and you should regularly review procedures with your staff for when one inevitably occurs.

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