Handstand Push-up Progressions

Handstand Push-up Progressions


We’ve been talking about auxiliary work for the push up early today, and it’s natural to think in that push-pull classic tandem of lifting.

So if we have the pull with the pull up, where is the push for the shoulder movement in functional fitness? It comes in the dreaded handstand pushup.

The handstand pushup is one of those dreaded movements in functional fitness. It’s not only the fact that you are inverted and thus in a very uncomfortable position, but you must also think about your balance, your hand placement, your push, etc.

So many things are going on with this movement.

So how does one go about getting that handstand push-up? Well, for one thing, remember that the progression should start first with the strict handstand pushup work before teaching the kip.

So in order to do this, one must build up shoulder strength. Here’s a helpful way of building to that inverted shoulder strength position. Take a look.

Watch: Handstand Push-up Progression

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