How to Promote Your Live Event on Facebook

How to Promote Your Live Event on Facebook

You can use Facebook tools to promote a live event that you host, and to help you contact attendees afterwards. You can geopin a Facebook frame so that attendees can easily apply it when filming or photographing your event for a Story. You can also create an event hashtag and then encourage people to use it with prizes or competition. Another option is to use geotargeting so users will receive your Facebook video ad during the event. It’s also very important to retarget people after the event is finished.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can upload a uniquely specific, branded frame for your event, both to make it more eye-catching and to distinguish it from all other related events.
  • Your frame, which will be geo pinned to activate in your event region, should be uploaded in a PNG format.
  • Your unique, branded frame should have a designated name and also have a transparent background.

“When you create your event hashtag, choose something that’s short and snappy so it’s easy for attendees to type in and remember. Abbreviations for the event name or your brand work well.”

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