How to Stretch After A Workout

How to Stretch After A Workout

Stretching is so important that it can be less of a problem to cut the workout itself short than to cut corners on the warm-up or cool-down stretches afterwards. While static stretching before a workout isn’t particularly helpful (warm-up exercises like jumping jacks are another story), stretching after a workout can help return your muscles to their normal length after they’ve contracted while exercising. Stretching can also help improve your flexibility and your joint health, especially as you get older.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s blog post is on learning how to stretch because it improves the health and the mission of Nerd Fitness is to keep one safe and healthy.
  • Stretching is one of the most important things in a workout that if one is short on time, he can cut the workout short but not the warm-up.
  • It is stated by many that there are benefits to stretching before and after a workout but static stretching before a workout isn’t healthy.

“When you go through a great stretch routine after a heavy weight lifting day, your muscles are already starting to recover and expand, which will allow to you get back to “normal” more quickly than if you didn’t stretch.”

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