Is It Ever Too Late to Pursue a Dream?

Is It Ever Too Late to Pursue a Dream?

Dan Stoddard is an inspiration that one should not stop dreaming no matter the age. He works for Ottawa’s OC Transpo public transit system and goes on two six-hour shifts regularly, yet that does not deter him from putting the time to practice and train for his basketball game. He is 42 years playing in a game where his teammates are two decades younger than he is, but he has won their respect. During one of the games where they were losing, after a ten-match losing streak, Stoddard came down with great burst of exhaustion that he had to use the restroom because he was tired, yet he kept going on, because according to him the team needed him. Stoddard has dreams of playing at the NBA and believes that it is achievable even at his age. He cannot stop dreaming. He believes that if he was not talented in basketball he wouldn’t be doing this. His coach at Algonquin is also impressed by Dan Stoddard’s work rate. He notes that Stoddard has taken much pain to get to where he is in the team but he keeps doing it every day. To many of his opponents, Stoddard is something of a hero, someone that even the Canadian press has recognized the mark he has left in the Algonquin team. He is an example of the fact that we should not stop dreaming no matter the age.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dan Stoddard was exhausted by the strain of the match and he had taken Gatorade, but he knew that his team depended on him.
  • Algonquin, the team he was on had lost 10 of its 14 games so this last defeat seemed immaterial to Stoddard.
  • At 39 Stoddard joined Algonquin college and joined the basketball team immediately after. He was often called “Old man Dan” by others but this did not deter him.

“He knew others would think this experiment was crazy — during the Thunders’ preseason schedule, Stoddard heard the laughter from opposing coaches and players — and he even realized that his endeavor reeked of desperation, but he never felt the pull of quitting.”

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