Social Media and Your Business


What does your social media footprint look like? Didn’t know you had one, did you?

Let’s first talk about that footprint. A social media foot print is your presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

Did you know that search rankings are determined in part by this social media foot print. The more integrated campaigns, the better for your overall ranking.

So how can you use these different platforms to raise your level of visibility in the search engine? Well, let’s break it down.

Let’s start with instagram.

You would think that we would start with Facebook, since this is the largest platform in use right now. However, instagram itself is huge, and since it’s integrated with Facebook already (Facebook owns instagram), it’s a convenient tool to use.

So, how could you use such a tool as this? Well, for one thing you could post instructional videos on instagram for all of our clients to see. They can be instructions on how to do a lift or how to perform that day’s workout. No matter what it is, as long as you post on their, it’s a good thing.

Another good thing to do with your instagram account is to post up coaching and form videos for people. This can be a sort of technique thing you do with your clients and perhaps future clients. Because of the far reach of these types of accounts, it becomes very helpful for you to be active on them.

As for Facebook, the most you can do in terms of online visibility will most likely be through this platform. You have the ability to post much longer videos on your feed, and you can even use the advertising functionality to boost certain post so others can see it. In fact, a wide range of individuals will see it.

These two social media platforms alone will garner your business a lot of traffic. But there’s one other thing you can do…

Create a blog for your site where you regularly update the content. Now these updates can be of various natures. You can do something as simple as upload the workout for the day for each and every single day of the month.

Another thing you can do is point your clients to good articles on the net that will help them with their nutrition, form and even thinking when it comes to their workouts.

Finally, you can also post videos to your blog.

Why are these posts important to your site? Well, having this type of content on a regular, revolving basis will certainly catch the eye of search engines and boost your visibility.

So do you see how all of this type of content has an impact on your rankings. If you do them together on a consistent basis you are bound to see your rankings improve.

This is a sure way to be front and center before the eyes of potential clients when they go searching for a workout facility in your area.

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