Curbing Your Appetite

You’ve got clients who are working on losing, and clients who are working on massing. Both of these types of clients are on extreme, opposite ends. But the one thing that ties them together? Those late night cravings to satisfy a rumbling stomach can be difficult to deal with, but give them some hope with today’s article.

Have a look and guide them on what to look for in the fridge.

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Auxiliary Exercises for Pull-Up Volume


Chances are, if you have gotten your clients to that first, seemingly mythical pull-up, the next thing they are going to be concentrating on is 2 pull-ups, and then 3 pull ups, etc. They will want to raise the volume of repetitions almost immediately, and this will pose a problem.

How do you increase the amount of pull-ups you see your clients doing? The simple answer would be volume work. However, anyone who has been training for a while understands that this is simply not the answer.

More volume on the movement itself will not necessarily be the thing to get your clients a higher rep count.

Instead, what you can do is auxiliary work to build up the stabilizer muscles used in the movement itself. This will help with the pull and the volume count.

Specifically for the pull up, one thing you can check into is this double kettlebell swing movement. Enjoy!


Watch: Double Kettlebell Swing

That Efficient Bulgarian Squat

Want to build some real power in your clients’ legs? This is the way to get that done by using the powerful Bulgarian split squat routine. Your clients will be able to focus attention and isolate on one leg as they work each side of their body.

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Get On Track w/These Awesome Wods

The sun’s out, so those guns want to come out. What’s the best way to show these off? Well, take a look at these outdoor wods you can do with your clients. You’ll get them out in the sun and fresh air, and best of all you don’t need any equipment.

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Squat With The Champs

If you want to know how to squat like the champs and hit those deep personal records, learn to open up the hips with these stretches and movements. Having open hips is key to developing that big squat and hitting all those gains.

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Narrated Lifting Videos


We have a treat for you today with a video from Catalyst Athletics head coach Gregg Everett narrating videos of his lifters going through their routines.

What’s great about this is that he’s able to point out exactly what they are doing and where they are going wrong.

This is not only good for you to watch, but it’s also a great idea to introduce this into your own training of athletes. Take the time to record them in their lifts and give them real and specific feedback as you watch together.

This way you will see a tremendous amount of improvement as they watch themselves and make specific corrections.

Watch: Commentary 6

Progressive Overload In Lifting


Working with your clients and getting them to consistently and continually make gains in their lifts is all about working the percentages.

If you program in such a way to add progressive loads by percentage to their lifts on a weekly basis, chances are you will get them to hit personal records.

Now, of course there is going to be the issue of hitting a plateau, and you want to be aware of how to break them through and over that plateau. One thing you can do is not only work the percentages in their training system, but you can also include a de-load week for them.

The point of the de-load is to let muscles repair and rest for the next big sequence in training. If you don’t give the muscles this sort of active rest, you will certainly have a difficult time getting your clients to the next step of training.

So always remember to not only hit those percentages, but also hit and schedule in those de-load weeks. And chances are your clients will have a hard time with the de-load week; they probably won’t like it. But explain it to them and keep them on that road of making gains.

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Mistakes Lifters Make


Lifting is a journey on which we can be helped by many different people. Today we get a nice look and perspective from Kendrick Farris, Olympic Lifter and all around great guy. He shares some of his achievements, but more importantly, he shares with us his mistakes.

This is helpful to listen to as we think through our own programming and mistakes we make along the way. To learn from another’s mistakes is one of the greatest things we can do. It saves us time, effort and injury. It also helps us to achieve our goals in a much faster and straight forward manner.

Take a look and learn what you can from this man.


Watch: Learn from my mistakes

Receiving the Bar in the Clean & Jerk


One of the most exciting movements in all of lifting is the clean and jerk. It’s with this movement that we see a combination of pure, raw strength and precise movement. The clean and jerk takes a tremendous amount of technique to master, and it can be one of the most rewarding movements for anyone.

What is key to the clean and jerk? Well, the first thing is learning how to properly “receive” the bar in the bottom position. If this one aspect of the movement is off, everything else in the chain of movement will break apart.

So if there is one movement, more than any other, where clients will benefit from watching and re-watching video, it is with this.

Take a look at CrossFit Games competitor Lauren Fisher as she demonstrates this movement in slow motion. This will certainly help you and your clients understand better these movements. And by the way, that’s 213 lbs she has on that bar!

Watch: Clean and Jerk with Lauren Fisher

Solid Nutritional Advice For Your Clients


Today in reading various articles, we have for you one of the best we have found with solid nutritional advice. This advice covers not only the type of food you should eat, but also the timing and amount.

A lot of times, these articles will simply say eat more protein. But that advice is not necessarily helpful when one needs to understand that not all proteins are created equal. What does this mean? Well, when a synthetic protein like a powder may be a quicker delivery system to your body overall, a natural protein like chicken breast is still going to be that much healthier.

In addition, one cannot simply say it’s just chicken breast to eat, bur rather it should also be organic chicken breast. With so many meats today being made in a lab (meaning animals are injected with all sorts of hormones and antibiotics), there is a real concern for the quality of meats being consumed.

So invest a little bit more in natural, organic meats and you will see a definite impact on your overall body composition. In addition, such meats are naturally lower in fat, so there’s another added benefit of eating organic.

For a lot more solid recommendations and advice on nutrition, take a look at today’s article.

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