Personal Hygiene in the Gym


One of the most important conversations you can have with a client deals with their own personal hygiene. With all the sweat and spit that can go flying around your gym, you will definitely want to make sure they are up to speed on practical gym hygiene.

Though it may seem like an embarrassing conversation to have with them, one way of easily doing it is by laying things out in the very beginning in a sort of welcoming packet.

What you can do with clients as you on board them is give them a breakdown of expectations for gym use. We don’t necessarily need to be all formal about it and give them some paper they need to sign. But at the same time, what you can do is informally go over it with them as you welcome them.

You can remind them to wash their hands and that they need to use soap every single time. One of the clear dangers in any gym is the spread of bacteria through unwashed hands. This is a common problem today…many people do not wash their hands. Remind clients of how easily one can get sick with all of the high-fiving in the midst of your workouts.

Another issue that can be easily addressed during this time, and which is a big issue, is that of using deodorant. A lot of people do not realize they may actually have personal hygiene issues in this area. With various cultures around us, they have different views towards deodorant, the use or non-use of it.

Well, one thing you can do from the very beginning is to remind them that such use is required at your gym. This will help to deter any future, embarrassing discussions about whether they have been using it or not.

One thing that will drive people crazy at a gym is if someone indeed has these issues and continues to workout with other people around. This will indeed drive your clients away.

Nobody wants this to happen at all. So if you can deter this from the beginning with a casual talk before any workouts begin, then it will be good for everybody involved.

In addition, another thing that you may want to remind people of is the need to brush their teeth after a long day. Being at work all day and having eaten all sorts of food, including drinking stale coffee can do a number on people’s breath. Remind such clients of the helpful practice of brushing their teeth before a workout or of carrying a bottle of mouthwash with them or even chewing a stick of gum.

All of these suggestions will go a long way in saving people future embarrassment.

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