Progressive Overload In Lifting


Working with your clients and getting them to consistently and continually make gains in their lifts is all about working the percentages.

If you program in such a way to add progressive loads by percentage to their lifts on a weekly basis, chances are you will get them to hit personal records.

Now, of course there is going to be the issue of hitting a plateau, and you want to be aware of how to break them through and over that plateau. One thing you can do is not only work the percentages in their training system, but you can also include a de-load week for them.

The point of the de-load is to let muscles repair and rest for the next big sequence in training. If you don’t give the muscles this sort of active rest, you will certainly have a difficult time getting your clients to the next step of training.

So always remember to not only hit those percentages, but also hit and schedule in those de-load weeks. And chances are your clients will have a hard time with the de-load week; they probably won’t like it. But explain it to them and keep them on that road of making gains.

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