Protein and Supplementation

Everybody is looking for an edge. It doesn’t matter whether you are a competitive athlete or not. What matters is that edge, or perceived edge, you get through supplementation.

The supplement market is an over saturated market consisting of a lot of ingredients along with a lot of fad sorts of diets.

Supplements can be a waste of money, and more importantly, they can be very dangerous. So is it really worth it to take something that might give you a slight edge, or perceived edge over others in your gym?

Well, as a coach and owner you know that the answer is no. But what we want to do today is simply go over some of the supplements that do work so you can give advice to your clients.

So what works?

Really, there are only 4 things that work. We’ll break them down in terms of importance.

The first thing each and every single one of your clients, both male and female, should be taking is protein.

Protein is the basic building block of all muscle. Without an adequate amount of protein in one’s system, you simply will not gain that coveted muscle your clients are working so hard for.

What’s the easiest way to get this protein? Through a supplement shake. It’s the quickest way to get the protein digested, into your bloodstream and on to your major muscle groups.

Not only will this help you build muscle, but it will also help you lose weight. How is that? The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism runs, thus meaning the more calories you burn.

The second supplement you want to encourage your clients to look into are branch chained amino acids. What’s this fancy term? Well, simply put, it’s a group of amino acids which help to build up muscle when it has been broken down during a workout. These bcaa’s should be taken during and right after a workout to help facilitate the rebuilding process.

Your third supplement? Creatine. Without a doubt, the most researched supplement today is creatine. Simple, monohydrate creatine has been shown again and again to help with building up muscle. If your clients are concerned with building and making gains, there is no easier way to do it than with creatine.

Finally, the last supplement to talk about is good old caffeine. More than any other stimulant or so-called fat burner, caffeine is the one to turn to. Why? It’s the safest. Most of these other so-called fat burners have other, added stimulants and questionable fillers that are simply unhealthy for people.

Do a test with your clients. Tell them to drink a small, 8 or 6oz cup of coffee 30 minutes before their workout, and then have them take stock of how that caffeine impacted their workout. This does not mean they should run out and buy caffeine tablets, because that would be too many milligrams of caffeine. All this means is that they shouldn’t have to look anywhere else.

These are the 4 supplements we advise and encourage others to look into. As for everything else? There simply isn’t enough research to warrant the purchase of it.

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