Receiving the Bar in the Clean & Jerk


One of the most exciting movements in all of lifting is the clean and jerk. It’s with this movement that we see a combination of pure, raw strength and precise movement. The clean and jerk takes a tremendous amount of technique to master, and it can be one of the most rewarding movements for anyone.

What is key to the clean and jerk? Well, the first thing is learning how to properly “receive” the bar in the bottom position. If this one aspect of the movement is off, everything else in the chain of movement will break apart.

So if there is one movement, more than any other, where clients will benefit from watching and re-watching video, it is with this.

Take a look at CrossFit Games competitor Lauren Fisher as she demonstrates this movement in slow motion. This will certainly help you and your clients understand better these movements. And by the way, that’s 213 lbs she has on that bar!

Watch: Clean and Jerk with Lauren Fisher

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