Safety Check


With June here and the second half of the year about to roll out, have you done a safety check in your facility or box lately? One thing is for certain; you are going to get an influx of new clients very soon.


There are probably a few reasons for this. For one thing, it’s summertime and people are milling about without their shirts on at the beach. This is going to spur some people to think a lot more about getting fit and thus getting back into the gym.


Another reason we will see people coming back into the gym is the rising popularity of functional fitness events. The CrossFit Games are starting soon at the end of July, and with last year’s telecast on ESPN and the exposure they get with their sponsor, Reebok, many people will see these athletes before their eyes in print and other media outlets.


This may spur some on to try functional fitness, and thus they will come knocking at your door.


So what can you do in the meanwhile? Well, one thing that is very important to be done is get ready by checking all of your equipment. This means making sure everything is safe and sound and in good working order.


Where would you begin with such a venture? Well, the simple place to start is with your rig. You not only want to check the mountings in the floor, but you also want to check all the screws and bolts along the connecting pieces of the rig.

If you have not wiped down your rig in a long time with disinfectant, then now is the time to do so. With so many hands touching the rig on a daily basis, you will want to keep it as clean and hygienic as possible. So wiping it down and disinfecting it will be the best and easiest way to maintain all of this.

In addition to all of this, think about wiping down the rings that you have at your gym. So many hands, torn hands, go about touching these things on a daily basis that they are bound to be riddled with germs and other things. Wiping them down will be the easiest way to care for germ outbreaks and what not at your gym. It may take a bit of time, but it is completely worth it in the long run.

Finally, another thing you will want to do is inspect all of your plates and bumpers. If you use rubber bumpers at your gym, you will want to inspect them for cracks and other issues. One thing to especially keep an eye on is the center ring of the bumper. See if it’s cracked or sliding out of its housing. Such issues can be really hazardous for some people.

Keeping things clean, safe and sound will be one of the things that most appeals to potential new clients. They will see the care you put into your gym, and in their minds that will translate to you caring for them as well.

So get to cleaning things up, because summertime is here and new clients are coming.

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