One thing that is true about the fitness industry…we are about transformations. What sort of transformations are we talking about here?


For one thing, the transformation of the body is obviously a brilliant place to start. We are looking to transform people from unfit to fit. That’s the main reason many of these people have come walking through your door. They were on the couch and they were living a life that was simply adding up to clogged arteries and heart issues.


They probably had the opportunity to have their blood checked at the doctor’s office and were given some startling news: you need to get in shape now or face the consequences not decades from now, but most likely next year.


This warning got them off of those beloved couches and into your gym. So what are you going to do? Well, the first thing you need to do is work with them, train them and transform them.


Of course we need to be honest about this, because such transformation will not come over night. It will only come with hard work and dedication. But that’s where you come in as the trainer. You need to work with them, counsel them, and urge them on in this path of fitness that they have chosen.


In addition to urging them on, you need to train them in such a manner that you keep them safe and sound, effectively teaching them how to move and use their bodies to push that weight and grow muscle.


The interesting thing that will arise as they see their bodies transform before their own eyes is that you will also see another transformation going on. What is it? It is the transformation of the psyche.


Most people, when the get back into training and working hard in the gym will deal with certain issues of body perception. You will note in them that they may have very low self-esteem in the beginning.


However, as they train and get back in shape, and as those bodies change and transform, their attitudes about themselves will evolve into a far healthier state of being. Where there was formally a lack of self-esteem and trust in themselves, you’ll begin to see this replaced with a healthy disposition and even an appreciation for the self.


In this sense, you can see that transformations in the gym not only take place in your clients’ bodies, but they also take place in your clients’ hearts. It is for this reason that you must be aware and mold both the outside and the inside. Yes, at times you will feel like a counselor to them, and at other times you will feel like a confidant. This is ok. It’s part of their transformation, and as you see it going on before your eyes you will come to know and appreciate that you, too, were part of and integral to that transformation as well.


So take part in that transformation today and see how it will benefit not only them, but you as well.




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