What Do You Say to the Client Who’s Losing Interest?

What Do You Say to the Client Who’s Losing Interest?

In the world of business it is almost inevitable that you will have clients that who once were extremely interested in a product or service you have to offer, are now starting to lose that initial spark of interest that they had. In order to combat this and to ensure that they remain loyal clients and customers, it is necessary that businesses are able to implement certain strategies to keep their product fresh in the eyes of clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fitness equivalent of ghosting is having clients who just suddenly disappears on you – they stop checking in or logging their meals.
  • Every fitness trainer doesn’t want to be ghosted, rather they want to make sure they understand why their clients are leaving by having them talk to them.
  • Progress in fitness doesn’t just come by achieving fitness benchmarks or adding up grams of protein. Progress comes in several ways.

“Sooner or later, even the best client will get distracted by real life.”

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